Two New Courses in the Human Resources Package

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Sexual harassment is in the news every day, and as you can see, it is a very real problem for businesses and schools alike. The “Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers” course has been added to the Human Resources Training Package.

The 6 course Human Resources Training Package includes 2 different sexual harassment courses. One for employees/students and one for Supervisors/instructors/administrators. Train everyone at your facility to create a safety place to work and learn without feeling threatened or uncomfortable. Everyone deserves a harassment-free environment.

An active shooter situation is one of the greatest fears. S/P2 wants to make sure you AND everyone at your facility to have training to keep everyone safe in an active shooter situation. That’s why we have added the “Active Shooter Situations” course into the S/P2 Human Resources training package. This can be an emotionally charged topic, but the safety of everyone is one of the utmost importance to all of us at S/P2.

If you have already purchased the S/P2 Human Resources Package, the two new courses are included at no additional cost.

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