Drugs and Alcohol in the Collision Repair Industry

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

“Very careful” is how Robert Molina describes his approach to dealing with on-the-job drug and alcohol use at his shop.

Molina, who is the co-owner of Collision Care Xpress in Pompano Beach, Fla., has learned from experience, and he’s determined not to get burned again.

“My model used to be ‘quick to hire, slow to fire,’” Molina says. “And I’ve turned it around and made it ‘slow to hire, quick to fire.’”

Molina points to one employee who turned out to be a cocaine user. One of the first signs was that the man would be “low on cash right after payday.” Molina, who favors rehabilitation over incarceration, tried to help him. He even asked a few counselors from the Drug Enforcement Administration – the agency is a regular customer of the shop – to talk some sense into him. But it didn’t work.

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