Tool maintenance tips AND an industry credential! Students get both when they complete the new “WD-40: Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment” course from S/P2.

We know tools are expensive, so we teamed up with WD-40 Company, the industry leader in lubricant products for tools, to develop an online training course that will teach students how to properly care for and store those tools.

In this 30-minute online course, your students will learn:

  • The importance of tool and equipment maintenance and storage
  • The effects of rust on tools
  • How to clean, maintain and properly store tools
  • The safety hazards associated with not taking care of tools

Students who complete this course will earn a certificate and industry credential that can be included on their resume.

This course is available in the S/P2 automotive, heavy-duty/diesel and welding bundles, which also include training on safety, pollution prevention and more. If you have already purchased or renewed your account for this school year, you have the course now. If not, purchase or renew today, and train all of your students under one roof for one full year!

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