Gear up for an exciting 2022 by having your students take the THREE credentials from Valvoline offered exclusively through S/P2!

S/P2 has teamed up with Valvoline, a leading provider of automotive services and supplier of premium DIY motor oil, to provide three video courses that previously were available through the Valvoline VIP program.

Each of these courses takes less than 30 minutes and provides important information essential to their automotive careers, as well as a certificate of completion and industry credentials they can include on their resume and in their portfolio to show employers:

Motor Oil 101
In this 25-minute video, students will understand the primary functions of motor oil, learn about the causes of oil contamination, recognize how additives help oil do its job, learn about severe driving conditions, and more.

Automotive Fluids 101
This 17-minute video informs about the importance of transmission fluid, how coolant protects an engine from overheating, the benefits of power steering fluid, and how brake fluid aids in the ability to stop a vehicle.

Automotive Chemicals 101
In this 7.5-minute video, students will learn about fuel system, transmission and oil system cleaners. They will also recognize how to achieve optimal steering performance with power steering system cleaners.

If you have a current Automotive Service or Heavy-Duty/Diesel bundle subscription, the courses are already assigned to your students. Log in to your admin to make sure. If you do not have a current S/P2 account, purchase or renew today!