S/P2 can help them find it.

You already know that S/P2 can help keep your students safe with our online OSHA and EPA training. But did you know that we can help those same students find entry-level technician jobs?

As an S/P2 customer, your students can take the online course “Land That Job: Building a Resume.” During this course, they create a real resume they can post to S/P2 Careers, the largest recruiting platform in the country for entry-level technicians. Their resumes will be seen by local, regional and national businesses that are looking to hire entry-level technicians.

Encourage your students to take the course and complete their resumes right away! Also, remind them to log in to S/P2 Careers periodically to update their resumes and check out the job postings.

Check out Javier’s Success Story

Businesses need technicians now more than ever. The technician shortage is a real problem, and auto techs are in high demand. Shops will be looking for entry-level techs on S/P2 Careers and when they do, we want them to find your students’ resumes!