S/P2 Training | S/P2 Workplace Mentoring for Businesses

The only sustainable competitive advantage is to grow your own technicians!

The S/P2 Workplace Mentoring program is specifically designed to help automotive service, collision repair and refinish, and heavy-duty/diesel businesses grow their own technicians.

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The Online Training Courses

S/P2’s Workplace Mentoring system includes three online courses that help everyone involved in the mentoring process

  1. Workplace Mentoring – The Manager – This online course is designed for the person overseeing the Mentor/Mentee relationship. The course covers how to create a mentoring program that meets the business’ needs, recruit Mentors and Mentees for the program, determine pay and tool plans, and address program and relationship challenges when they occur. Course Length: Approx. 85 min.
  2. Workplace Mentoring – The Mentor – Your Mentor may have no prior experience mentoring. Help them understand what will be expected in mentoring, what to look for in their Mentee, how to relate to the Mentee, and how to manage the day-to-day expectations as they grow their Mentee into a valuable member of the business. Course Length: Approx. 64 min.
  3. Workplace Mentoring – The Mentee – Train your entry-level technician on what will be expected of them, what will make them successful, what the mentoring program will entail, and how to work with their Manager and Mentor. Course Length: Approx. 30 min.

Learn more about the courses here!

The Mentee Tracking System

Along with the online courses, you also receive access to SP2Mentoring.org – an online Mentee Tracking System that a Mentor can use to track the progress of his or her Mentee.

Mobile-optimized to be used by the Mentor on a phone or tablet in the shop environment, the Mentee Tracking System allows a Mentor to evaluate the Mentee’s progress in real-time using the NATEF/ASE Education Foundation Task Lists for:

  1. Automotive Service Technology (AST)
  2. Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR)
  3. Medium/Heavy-Duty Truck
  4. Collision Repair & Refinish

If you already have access to the Mentee Tracking System, log in at SP2Mentoring.org. To learn more about using the Mentee Tracking System, check out these very short videos:


Call 888.241.8332 to get the S/P2 Workplace Mentoring system FREE for the 2018-2019 school year.