How many of you have a can of WD-40 somewhere in your home? While WD-40 is a common name, the WD-40 Company is far from ordinary. The company is an excellent case study of a true learning organization that walks the talk and has achieved the level of “World Class Organizational Capability.” Its employees are part of a tribe that embraces continued opportunities for engagement in Learning & Development.

Join CEO and Chairman of the WD-40 Company, Garry Ridge, for this webinar explaining how the WD-40 Company evolved into an organization that prioritizes learning. You’ll also discover how learning moments can help drive positive change in your organization.

Brought to you by American Safety Council and S/P2 training, this webinar will explore how organizations can achieve breakthrough performance by embracing Learning as a core value. We’ll walk attendees through a brief exercise to help them diagnose the learning maturity of their organization. Next, the CEO of WD-40 Company will explain how consciously improving your organization’s learning maturity can help you achieve never-before-seen results in areas ranging from workplace safety to operational performance.

A panel discussion with Garry Ridge and Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will lead into a Q&A session, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of learning maturity and its evolution as it relates to their own organizations. The webinar also focuses on the various levels of learning culture and explains how to link learning metrics to organizational performance. In addition, attendees will receive early access to the latest research findings on Learning Maturity being developed in conjunction with this webinar.

Time: May 26, 20211:30 p.m. EST