With S/P2 Careers, your students could soon hear these important two words!

The school year is quickly wrapping up and it’s time to transition your students from job training to an actual job. Fortunately, S/P2 Careers can help. Did you know that S/P2 Careers is the largest recruiting platform available for entry-level technicians?

As part of the S/P2 training bundle purchased by your school, your students have access to these important courses:

Land That Job: Building a Resume: In this course, students build a resume and have the option of posting it to S/P2 Careers where potential employers can view it and contact them about a job. Job hunting has never been easier!

Land That Job! Interview Skills for Automotive Students: This important course will help prepare your students for when they land that job interview: what to wear, what to say, what not to say and more!

S/P2 wants to help your students find that right first employer. Don’t delay! Graduation will be here before you know it. Encourage your students to take the resume and interview courses from S/P2 so they can hit the ground running and land that job!

Not yet an S/P2 customer? No problem! Take advantage of our $299 rooftop bundle pricing, which includes these important courses. Contact our team at 888.241.8332 or email info@sp2.org.