New Feature: Enter a mobile number for text updates!

S/P2 has a new feature designed to give you one more communication option. We’ve rolled out our SMS feature, which will allow administrators and users to receive text updates regarding their account. New users will be able to add a mobile number as part of their contact information.
For existing users, here’s how to add a mobile number to an account, including your own:

  1. Log into Admin.
  2. Click on Users/Groups.
  3. Search user by last name.
  4. Select user.
  5. Enter the user’s mobile number in the mobile number field.
  6. Click on the Update button.

Why is SMS such a cool feature? For instructors, we can text you a link for a W-9, receipt or quote. For users, we can text you a link to your resume, certificate or username/password.

Note: You can also call or email us to add a mobile number to a user’s account or your own. We are happy to help!

Want to add a mobile number? Contact our team at 888.241.8332 or email [email protected]. We love hearing from administrators!