You’ve guided your students through their career training. Now it’s time to steer them toward that important first job.
TECHNICIAN SHORTAGES in the auto service, collision repair, and heavy-duty/diesel industries are worse than ever. This means your students are in demand more than ever before!

Help them find that perfect job! As an S/P2 customer, your students have access to “Land That Job: Building a Resume.”

Upon finishing this online course, your students will have a completed resume that they can post to S/P2 Careers, the largest job site in the nation for entry-level technicians.

When they post their resume, your students will have access to local, regional, and national businesses that are looking to hire them.
Encourage your students to complete their training and post their resumes today! Remind them to update their resumes as needed and login to S/P2 Careers to check out the job postings in the system.

There’s an exciting new career waiting for your students, and S/P2 Careers can help them find it!!

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