S/P2: Past, Present, and Future

Each year, S/P2® helps protect more than 150,000 students, instructors, schools, shop owners, shops, and employees nationwide through industry-specific online safety and pollution prevention training.

Launched in 2002 to help the automotive service and repair industry meet annual OSHA and EPA requirements, S/P2 has become the automotive repair industry standard for online safety and pollution prevention training, with over 25,000,000 tests taken to date.

To help meet the rising demand for safety and pollution prevention training in career and technical education, S/P2 expanded its course offerings and now serves schools in the automotive, heavy-duty/diesel, welding, construction, cosmetology, and culinary trades.

S/P2 offers consistent safety and pollution prevention training to existing business customers, and an expanding portfolio of courses to school audience. What started as a single online training product has now evolved into a full-service training package for businesses and schools, with more on the way.

Thank you for your business, and the opportunity to help protect your shops and schools, your employees and students, and you.