Is Your Shop Ready for a Disaster?

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Snowstorms are in the rearview mirror for most of the country, but there are other weather disasters on the horizon. For example, much of the country is in the midst of tornado season. Wildfires are a reality for many in drought conditions. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods – you get the picture.

Do your employees know what to do in case of an extreme weather emergency? Do you have people in the shop assigned to take charge in these situations, and are they trained properly in those duties?

Though we can’t control Mother Nature, we can do our best to be ready for the unknown. Preparing before an emergency is important to ensure that your employees know what to do and where to go no matter what type of weather event.

If you don’t already have an emergency action plan, it’s smart to include a range of company representatives in the planning process, from management to technicians to other employees. A diverse group will help ensure that everyone top to bottom has a stake in safety when disaster strikes.


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