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Most instructors know S/P2 for its award-winning safety and pollution prevention training, but we provide so much more!

Our online training provides instructors in multiple industries with safety, environmental, human resources, soft skills, and additional training to help you prepare your students to have a safe and successful career.

More than 2,700 career tech programs use S/P2 each year. Check out the safety and environmental course bundle specific to your CTE programs, as well as our soft skills and human resources training packages that helps students follow best practices as they prepare for their careers.

Choose the S/P2 course packages that are right for your career tech school. Protect your school, protect your students, protect yourself!

S/P2 Automotive - Automotive Service and Collision Repair   S/P2 Heavy-Duty and Diesel Technology

S/P2 Welding   S/P2 Construction

S/P2 Cosmetology   S/P2 Culinary

S/P2 Human Resources Training   S/P2 Soft Skills Training

S/P2 Sustainability   S/P2 Workplace Mentoring