S/P2 Training | S/P2 Soft Skills Training for Career-Technical Education

S/P2 Soft Skills Training Package

Professionalism, communication, and the way a student conducts himself or herself in an interview and in a job can make or break their success. These “soft” skills are more important than ever in today’s workplace.

Use the courses in the S/P2 Soft Skills Training package to empower your students with strong soft skills and give them a competitive advantage. Better communication, improved customer service, and students that will represent their employers well are only a few of the benefits improved soft skills can offer. Give your students a boost in preparing them for their careers ahead! Learn more about the courses here!

Included in the S/P2 Soft Skills Training package are:

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Be a Pro! Life Skills for Professional Success
  • Land That Job! Building a Resume
  • Creating a Customer-Centered Culture
  • Telephone Skills for Today’s Professional World
  • Successful Meeting Management for Managers and Business Owners
  • Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings

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