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In addition to S/P2 safety and environmental training, we offer a variety of third-party credential opportunities through our partnerships:

Automotive Lift Institute: The “Lifting it Right: School Edition” online course is available exclusively for schools from S/P2 for just $399 per rooftop. In this 1-hour course, students will learn how to identify different types of lifts, how to use key safety checks in preparing to lift a vehicle, how to operate a lift safely and effectively, and the importance of lift inspection and maintenance.

Daimler Trucks: “Daimler Trucks North America: Heavy-Duty Truck Terminology 101” is available with the S/P2 Heavy-Duty/Diesel bundle. In this 30-minute course, students will become familiar with general truck terminology, identify some components of heavy-duty trucks, know the basics of heavy-duty engine terminology, and learn about a career in the medium- and heavy-duty truck industry.

Crash Champions: The “Crash Champions: Plastic Repair Series” 60-minute online course, a series of instructional videos, is available for students with the S/P2 Collision Repair Bundle. Videos include: Repairing a Broken Tab, Creating a Missing Tab, Reattaching a large tab, Recreating a tab from Scratch, Repairing a Gash and more!

Valvoline: Three video courses, “Motor Oil 101,” “Automotive Fluids 101” and “Automotive Chemicals 101” are available with the S/P2 Automotive Service and Heavy-Duty/Diesel bundles. Each dynamic course is less than 30 minutes.

WD-40® Brand: The 30-minute online course “WD-40®: Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment” is available with the S/P2 Automotive Service, Collision Repair and Heavy-Duty/Diesel bundles. In this 30-minute course, students will learn the importance and practical applications of tool maintenance and storage, the effects of rust on tools, and the safety hazards associated with not taking care of tools.

WD-40® for Construction: This 35-minute online course, “Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment for Construction and Skilled Trades” is included with the S/P2 Construction bundle. Students will learn the importance of tool maintenance, storage and cleaning; the science behind maintenance products and their different uses; best practices for hand and power tool maintenance; and common product applications for cleaning and maintaining tools.

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In July 2023, S/P2 migrated its safety and environmental industry-specific training to FUSION, a Certus Solution, to give customers expanded functionality to manage their school or business.

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