Goal: Zero Incidents

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Today’s construction students who train with S/P2 Construction get a jump-start on understanding workplace safety over those who do not. They learn safety fundamentals that should stick with them for a lifetime. The “OSHA Recordable Incidence Rate” (or RIR) is a phrase many construction professionals will hear throughout their careers, and while this is an important metric, zero incidents mean you’re doing everything right.

At S/P2, we encourage our school users to discuss issues of close calls in relation to gauging overall safety performance. Minimizing human error is an important part of any safety system, and as students enter the workforce, an understanding of OSHA guidelines and procedures provides a great foundation. You can use your S/P2 Construction course to provide a refresher course to those students before graduating, and for those who are finished with the program, don’t forget to assign “S/P2 Land That Job: Interview Skills for Construction Students.”



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