Auto Body Mentoring Programs: What’s In It for the Mentor?

Friday, May 11th, 2018

In my past few Health and Safety columns, I’ve talked about mentoring programs and two of the important roles within them: the manager and the mentee.

In this column, I’ll focus on the third person in the workplace mentoring scenario: the mentor. Though each person in the equation is important, companies look to their mentors to take on much of the everyday work of the program. The best mentors are motivated, persistent and passionate about passing along knowledge and career skills. As teachers, guides and role models, a mentor provides powerful building blocks to give a mentee a big jumpstart in their career.

Why Be a Mentor?

Workplace mentoring programs offer an opportunity for an experienced employee to share their skills and experience with a less experienced person in order to help them gain on-the-job skills and greater knowledge about their career. But what’s in it for a mentor?

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