Web Accessibility

At S/P2, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a safe and successful career. That’s why S/P2 makes sure that our online training courses are compliant with accessibility standards.

Feel free to download a copy of S/P2’s VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).

S/P2 is optimized to work with assistive technology. If you are using a screen reader, we have implemented the appropriate coding to give you the best experience possible.

Please note that while we have made our training accessible, we will not be able to provide support on how to use a screen reader or other assistive technology. Please refer to your assistive technology software’s manual to learn how to utilize that product in conjunction with web applications.

Because S/P2 is web-based, it relies on the browser to support your assistive technology. Older browsers may or may not fully support all aspects of assistive technology. If you are using assistive technology on an older browser, please talk to your IT support staff to update the browser to the newest version. S/P2 is dedicated to being accessible to people with disabilities. If you have specific questions about accessibility, please Contact Us. We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the support and communication needs of our end users.