S/P2 Careers | How It Works

You have job openings … We have skilled workers!

The technician and worker shortage is the biggest challenge facing skilled trades today. Boomers are retiring faster than they can be replaced. Poaching from competitors doesn’t add new workers into the industry. The only sustainable competitive advantage is to grow your own!

With S/P2 Careers, you can find, recruit, and hire entry-level technicians locally, regionally, or nationally.

With 50,000+ candidate resumes, S/P2 Careers is the LARGEST listing of entry-level technicians and semi-skilled candidates nationwide.

  • Automotive service – 34,000+ candidates
  • Collision repair – 14,000+ candidates
  • Heavy-duty/diesel – 14,000+ candidates
  • Welding – 16,000+ candidates
  • Construction – 14,000+ candidates
  • Culinary – 8,000+ candidates
  • Cosmetology – 6,000+ candidates

These candidates are students in high school and post-secondary career tech programs across the country. They come from the more than 2,600 career tech programs that S/P2 works with, and all of them are looking for opportunities with companies just like yours!

Choose the plan that fits your organization

Unlimited Program

    • Unlimited searches
    • Unlimited candidate contacts
    • Unlimited accepted contact requests
    • Unlimited job postings
    • Unlimited job applicants
    • Search alerts (daily/weekly)
    • No long-term contracts
    • Auto-renews monthly
  • $500 per user per month

Credits Program

    • Unlimited searches
    • 2 credits / candidate contact
    • 25 credits / accepted contact request
    • Unlimited / job posting
    • 25 credits / job applicant
    • Search alerts (daily/weekly)
    • No long-term contracts
    • Unused credits roll over to next month
  • $1 = 1 credit ($250 minimum)

Learn more about how S/P2 Careers can help your business find technicians, or sign your business up today.

If you are a student, instructor, or administrator at a career tech school, learn more about how S/P2 Careers is working for you.