Strong ethics create strong employees!

Every day, your employees and students are faced with many decisions. Deciding whether to act in an ethical manner shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s important to train your employees and students on the right way to conduct themselves in the workplace. Ethics training will help them make better choices and avoid problems, and it’s better for a business’ bottom line.

S/P2 offers an online training course called “Ethics and YOU!” where users will learn to:

  • Understand the benefits of having an ethical code of conduct
  • Recognize how ethical decisions can impact the workplace
  • Anticipate ethical situations in your industry
  • Use exploratory questions to guide your behavior

If you are already an S/P2 customer, the “Ethics and YOU!” course is available in your industry-specific course bundle. Each ethics course addresses situations specific to your industry! Don’t delay! Ethics in the workplace matter. Start today and train your employees (and future employees) on how to handle everyday ethical situations.

Not yet an S/P2 customer? No problem! Contact us today to find out how S/P2 can work for your school or business. Just $299 trains every student or employee under one roof on safety, pollution prevention and more!