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S/P2 Soft Skills Training Package

Professionalism, communication, and the way one conducts themselves in the workplace, affects your business’ reputation and repeat business. The way your staff work with your customers can truly make or break your business. These “soft” skills are more important than ever in today’s workplace.

Use the S/P2 Soft Skills training package to empower your staff with strong soft skills and give your shop a competitive advantage. Better communication, improved customer service, and staff that will represent your brand well are only a few of the benefits improved soft skills can offer. Make sure your team members receive training to prepare them to professionally handle customers, vendors, and their co-workers. Learn more about the courses here!

Included in the S/P2 Soft Skills training package are:

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Be a Pro! Life Skills for Professional Success
  • Creating a Customer-Centered Culture
  • Telephone Skills for Today’s Professional World
  • Successful Meeting Management for Managers and Business Owners
  • Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings

Train ALL your staff under one roof for one full year for only $299!

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